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Fire Walking

Fire walking is a thrilling and empowering experience where participants walk barefoot over hot coals. This ancient practice is often used in charity and corporate events to raise funds and build team spirit.

Walking on hot coals requires focus, determination, and trust in oneself. It is a powerful metaphor for overcoming fears and obstacles, making it a popular activity for personal development and team-building exercises.

feet on hot coals and flames

What is firewalking, why people firewalk and firewalks history?

Firewalking is the term used to describe the act of walking or dancing across a heated surface. Normally there is no actual fire but hot embers. So, the term firewalking is not strictly true but refers to fire which has been used to heat coals, wood or stones.

The firewalk has been around since humans were able to consistently light a fire. Although we were not present, we guess the first attempt was not great and probably quite painful. Firewalks have been recorded for many thousands of years and happens all around the world. Most people know of firewalks in India, Africa, Europe, Asia and America. The history revolves around religious beliefs, tribal or test of faiths. There is even a patron Saint of Firewalking whose name is Saint Peter Ingneus* who went through a trial through fire to test him. (*Blessed Pietro Igneo was an Italian Roman Catholic Benedictine monk from the Vallombrosians branch)

One of the most documented and probably well-known fire walking traditions are the people of Fiji. The story of firewalking in Fiji begins around 500 years ago, where in the village of Nakarovu in the high land of central Beqa Island, off the coast of Viti Levu. It is said that a young man, Tunaiviqalita, went in search of an eel to give to an elder, but instead found a small man – a spirit god – wrapped in tapa cloth. The small man, in exchange for his survival, promised to give Tunaiviqalita the gift of controlling fire, allowing him to walk on white hot stones.

Modern day fire walking has more focus on fundraising, adrenaline or been used as metaphor to overcome fear.

The reason why people walk on fire, should always be firstly because you want to. After that there are many reasons including thrill seeking, personal challenge and to raise funds for a great cause.

There is no scientific evidence that firewalking will change your life, however the buzz that you feel afterwards is normally enough for most people to want to repeat the experience several times! 

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