Arrow broken on throat

Arrow Snapping

When it comes to events that involve placing an arrow on your throat and pushing it, 100% commitment is required. This challenge tests your limits and pushes you to overcome any fear or hesitation.

Arrow snapping in this context symbolizes the ultimate test of courage and determination. It is a powerful metaphor for facing challenges head-on and pushing through obstacles with unwavering resolve.

Snapping An Arrow On Your Throat!

The ‘arrow break’ activity (based on an ancient Fijian ritual) is the practice of placing the point of a wooden archery arrow in the soft tissue area of the notch of your throat and the other end against a hard solid surface. 

The participant then needs to ‘get out of their own way’ enough in terms of their thoughts, beliefs and emotional responses to step or lean forward until they bend and then snap the arrow without injury.

For many people it is an extremely powerful experience for breaking through their own limiting beliefs. The real value is in the transferrable learning to people’s real personal and business breakthroughs out there in the world.

Many people keep their broken arrow and some even frame it and hang it on their wall as a reminder that they can achieve far more than they used to believe that they could. 

shattered arrow flying through the air

Arrow Snapping

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