Firewalk Questions

What is a firewalk?

A firewalk is an activity where people walk barefoot across hot coals.

Is firewalking safe?

Providing a certified firewalk instructor is running the event, yes firewalking is relatively safe. Remember you are walking on hot coals, so there is always a chance of getting receiving a blister.

What do I need to do to prepare?

All walkers must attend the training prior to walking. They should not have had any alcohol or drugs that may impair their judgement. They will sign a waiver and then go outside to walk.

Is there an age limit?

Minimum age 14 years old.

What health restrictions are there?

We always recommend that if you are unsure to contact your doctor as they are the experts on your health. However as long as you can walk at a controlled fast pace walk you will be fine to join the event.


How do I organise a sponsored firewalk?


We will guide you and ensure you have everything in place to have a successful sponsored firewalking event. 




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